Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well, here I am, writing just what I hoped wouldn't happen. This week I worked out 2 days and gained almost 3 lbs! I've just pretty much been like "whatever" since everyone got here. We've been busy, busy, busy and I've just been eating whatever is there and quick. Again, this week I am going to try to do better but I don't have any false expectations. Kelly and I are going to the beach for a couple of days, eating out and relaxing so who knows?!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Today is the day!!! My man comes home for 15 days and I can't wait!
Today I weigh the same that I weighed last week. I went up a little and lost it again but I'm happy to still be maintaining the 20 lbs! Only worked out 2 days this week, it's been kind of crazy with kids and schedules and such. Now my goal is to at least maintain through New Years if not lose a little. I'm not going to go crazy just eating whatever and not exercising but I also don't want to beat myself up over every bite or if I choose not to work out. Right now I just want to enjoy having my husband home and enjoy time with our family! Merry Christmas to me!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hurray, Hurray, Hurray!!! I finally lost the two pounds I needed to reach the 20 lb mark!! It's only taken me two months to do it, but whatever, it finally happened! Apparently the trick is to not work out (even once) and eat fast food two nights in a row, who knew? Yeah, I'm not sure how that worked out but I'm certainly not going to use it as my weight loss philosophy. This week I'm going to go back to working out and eating right...well, I'm going to try at least. Next week by this time Kelly should be home, I'm just a little excited about that!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Crazy, crazy, crazy!!! This week I have lost three lbs. I'm back just below where I was when I came home from vacation. I'm thrilled, of course, but what the hay? I have only worked out one day this week and haven't eaten super great. I don't know what the answer is, don't work out, eat whatever and lose weight or work out, eat good and don't lose weight. I just don't know! Anyway, I am still going the work out, eat right route and we'll see what happens. I'm just happy for the three lbs!