Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well, it's the last day of the month already! This week has been challenging. I have been feeling really depressed this week. I think it's a combination of the time of year, settling into Kelly being gone again, worrying about my appointment with the cardiologist tomorrow and not working out. I did finally work out on the elliptical on Friday and it felt really good. I was worried about my heart but didn't have any problems. I will be kind of glad to be able to ask the doctor tomorrow if there is any problem with working out so I don't worry so much. After (stupidly) buying peanut butter m&ms on Friday and having a big dinner and cake last night for my mom's birthday I gained 1 lb since last week. Onward!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Another week, more stuff going on. I had big plans to work out 5 days this week...until I went to the doctor with heart palpitations and had to wear a monitor for 24 hours. To be honest, I was kind of afraid to work out but it's now Sunday and I haven't heard anything from the doctor so I guess it's safe to assume that I'm not going to die of a heart attack imminently (hopefully)! So, because I didn't get a phone call telling me not to, I plan to try to work out 5 days this week. The doctor did give me some positive news, telling me that I am really healthy. My blood pressure is low, cholesterol is normal, the only issue is my weight. This week I lost 1 lb, still 1.5 from being back to my lowest point.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Finally, a better week! I lost 2 lbs this week...of the 5 that I gained while Kelly was home. So, I still have 3 to go to get down to where I was the day he came home but I'm getting there...slowly. Worked out only two days this week. I feel like I'm still trying to get back in the "routine" of life. Two of my daughters have asked me to join them on an eight week wieght loss challenge. This was their second week, my first. Hopefully it will inspire us all to do better! My goal this week is to work out five days and continue to eat better.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


How is this month almost half over already, wait, wait, I haven't gotten it together yet! This week, more excuses. School started, Kelly left, I started school, I was tired EVERY morning, there's still too much Christmas junk left to eat, and list list could go on. So, time to stop whining, making excuses, etc and get with it!! I gained another few ounces this week to bring my grand total gain to 4.5 lbs (as the wii fit so conveniently told me this morning). This week, back to working out, quit eating crap and get with it!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My first post of the new year and it's two days late! Oh well, it's been pretty crazy around here with four extra adults, two extra dogs and a baby who is into EVERYTHING!! Anyway, now everyone is gone and it's just back to me, the three girls and one doggy. This past couple of weeks has been really tough diet and exercise wise. I didn't work out at all this week and gained 1.5 more lbs! That's about a 4.5 gain for the past two weeks that eveyone has been here. But, now it's a new year and time to get with it again! My goal is to lose 20 lbs before Kelly comes home the beginning of May. My dream goal is to lose 40 but my realistic goal is 20. We will see what happens...!