Sunday, August 29, 2010


Well, the good news is that I didn't gain any weight this week. I actually was exactly the same as last week and I have to say that I'm pretty happy about that. Happy because I didn't work out at all and just ate whatever. This week I'm determined to go to bed by 10 so that I won't be so tired and want to just sleep. This is the last full week before school starts so I need to start to switch to a more "normal" routine (going to bed earlier, working out, etc). On I go...

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Ok, say it with me, all together now..."I did not work out once this week". I'm sure that doesn't come as any surprise by now. I'm not sure why I've gotten SO lazy, I just can't seem to let that voice win when the alarm goes off in the morning. I know that if I did, I would feel better and have more energy but sleep seems to win every time! In better news, I lost .4 lbs this week. I'm not going to even set any goals this week and just see what happens (probably nothing!). Hopefully when school starts and I get back into a routine it will get better...

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Well, I'm back from vacation. We had a great time boating, kayaking, swimming and just generally hanging around the campground. I have a killer tan (for me), now if I just had the body to match :/ I gained .4 lbs this week, probably because we ate too much and my mom provided dessert every day. I choose to believe that I gained it in muscle from all the kayaking I did! After sitting on my hiney the past two days I am going to make an effort to work out at least 4 days this week and to eat better (no dessert every night!).

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Well, I did succeed in not eating all the birthday cake (but I did eat quite a bit!). I did gain .6 of a lb. this week. I would like to have lost but I'm not going to complain. Working out...what to say? I can't seem to get my great big butt out of bed early enough! Hopefully when (if not before) the girls go back to school I will get back into a better routine. I did do some arm work with the bands and some ab work this week and we went kayaking for several hours. This week we're off to our annual camping trip for the week. I'm not sure how it will go but I know there will be lots of swimming, boating and kayaking!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


August! Wow, this summer is going fast, not too much longer and the girls will be back in school! This week has been good. I've been really busy getting a surprise party planned and implemented for Kelly. Pulled it off today and he didn't have a clue! I worked out on the elliptical once this week and worked in the yard a couple of days but mostly I've been just running around. I lost 3.6 lbs this week which made me pretty happy! My goal for this week is to NOT eat all the leftover birthday cake and to work out at least 4 days this week.