Monday, April 25, 2011

4/10/11, 4/17/11 & 4/24/11

I've been really bad about getting my blog updated lately... I sit down to write but then for some reason, it seems overwhelming to write anything! So, the last three weeks have been ok. 4/12 I had lost 2.6 lbs, 4/17 I lost 1.2 lbs and 4/24 I stayed the same. I am STILL struggling with working out. Everyday I manage to talk myself out of it and tell myself that I will do it the next day...and the next...and the next. I am also struggling with "letting" myself have days off where I don't track my food. I know that this is a dangerous trend and I have to put a stop to it! I don't want to undo all the good I've done so far and I want to keep on my downward trend (even if it is slooooow). So, again I say..."It's a journey, not a race"... and keep moving forward!

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